Daddi LongLegz Astrology offers readings and natal chart analysis centered on the behavioral and psychologic aspects of one’s Zodiac.

Knowledge is a benefit to each soul on the cosmic journey toward actualization

Natal Chart Analysis & Readings

Daddi LongLegz Astrology provides in-depth natal chart analysis and readings, centered on the behavioral and psychological aspects of one’s Zodiac.



Helping people To understand their astrological composition

As the Earth is a living planet, so too are the Heavens alive, and the entire Universe. Personal explorations in astrology show individuals how celestial dynamics can impact humanity. Learning what the stars add to our personalities allows each of us to become better, more compassionate communicators with our fellow humans, and with ourselves.

This knowledge is a benefit to each soul on the cosmic journey toward actualization.

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a Libra Sun with an Aries Moon & Cancer Rising.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Daddy LongLegz has always had an open ear for those in need of emotional support. From childhood his curious mind and love for one-on-one conversation have allowed him to connect intimately with others.

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